Wavian Jerry Can Safety and Quality Standards

Quality is paramount when it comes to the safe handling of flammable liquids. There are huge differences in the performance, safety, and usability of our Jerrycans when compared to some of the cheaper, lower quality Jerrycans that have not been made with correct fill spouts, breathers and locking caps. 

Manufacturers tests prove that our Jerrycans are much more robust, leak-free and longer lasting, as well as being able to empty at a higher rate than many other brands of Jerry Can. This applies even when our Jerrycans are fitted with our patented pouring spouts.

We make sure that our Jerrycans do not leave customers frustrated by poor design, resulting in a poor fluid flowing, breakages and safety issues. Our Jerrycans are EPA, CARB and DOT approved and tested to UN Approved Standards.  Each can comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.