Jerry Can Colors, does the color of my fuel can mean anything?

Below you will find the official classification of Jerry Can Colors.  While people tend to buy fuel can colors that match their Jeep (We are certainly not the fuel can police) In the USA there are laws discerning the usage of fuel cans.  If you have any concerns, please check your local ordinances for further clarifications.

Below are the official color designations for NATO Jerry Cans,

Red = Gasoline

   Green / OD (Olive Drab) = Military Applications

Yellow = Diesel Fuel

Blue = Kerosene

Black = No official designation for usage at this time.

You will notice there is not a designation for water, please do not use fuel cans for water.  Wavian Jerry Cans are constructed for fuel storage and not water.  If you need a water can/container please contact us directly.